Song Seven - - The Waifs

Sometimes you kinda stumble on a group. You know, maybe you hear a song on the radio (that would be WXPN, usually) or Spotify / Pandora plays something "new" and unexpected. Or maybe iTunes leads you to a cool song. You know. And a stumble like that several years ago led me to The Waifs. 

They're an Australian trio: Two sisters (Vikki Thorn and Donna Simpson) along with a guitar player / vocalist, Josh Cunningham. They formed in the early 1990s, but they didn't have much commercial success until the release of their fourth album, called Up All Night, which was a huge hit. After that, they toured with Bob Dylan both in Australia and the United States.  

But the song that caught my attention was released in 2000. It's on an album called Sink or Swim. And the Waifs did a great version of it at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 2003. 

So here it is: The Waifs singing "When I Die." 


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