Song Nine - - David Wilson

I heard this guy on WXPN a few weeks ago. David Wilson was the Philly Local Pick of the Day on Helen Leicht's show. The song that Helen played that day was good, but it didn't grab me; it was a song called Simple Mind (The Student Loan Song). It was a political song, for sure. And it might be the song that gets the most radio play in the long run. But I didn't become a David Wilson fan after hearing that song. 

I don't know much about David Wilson. I've never seen him perform live - - and I don't know if he's even appeared live in the Philly area (although I'm guessing that he has and I'm sure that he will). And, as it turns out, the "Philly Local Pick of the Day" a few weeks ago is from Lancaster, PA. 

But then I heard another of his songs on XPN this week on the "Local Show" on Tuesday night. This song absolutely did grab me. And the song that they played by the Lancaster, PA, native was a song called Philadelphia. It's a sweet, folky tune sung by a guy with a great voice, accompanied by some very pretty guitar work. It's a song that should get a lot more air play. Will it? We'll see. 

So here it is: Song nine: David Wilson doing Philadelphia.  


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