Song Eight - - The Youngbloods

When I was in high school, the music was changing quickly. The sweet sounds of the early / mid 60s were turning to the harder edged / protest rock of the late 60s and the early 70s. You just have to compare The Beatles in 1963 (I Wanna Hold Your Hand) to The Beatles in 1969 (Come Together from Abbey Road) to see the transformation.

1969 was a great year for music. From Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline to Creedence Clearwater Revival to The Band to Neil Young to the Rolling Stone's Let It Bleed, there were amazing songs being produced back then. Which led WXPN to, just a week ago, dedicate a whole day to just playing music from 1969. 

But one group that doesn't get nearly enough love from back in the day is The Youngbloods. Led by Jesse Colin Young, they were really one of the seminal groups from that era. I never saw them live, but I sure wish that I had. Songs such at Get Together and It's a Lovely Day pretty much epitomize the spirit of late 60s / early 70s era. 

And then there was Sugar Babe. The song came out originially in 1967 on The Youngbloods' album called Earth Music. The live version of this song, recorded in 1969, featuring an electric piano, a bass guitar, a guitar, a kazoo, and Jesse Colin Young's amazing pipes, is one of the very best mix of country / folk / blues and jug band music that you'll ever hear. 

So, here it is: From 1969, the Youngbloods performing Sugar Babe


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