Song 91 - - Joy of Cooking

Since we're on a run of groups from back in the day, I thought that I'd sneak in a short post about one of my favorite groups from the 70s: Joy of Cooking. Joy of Cooking wasn't around for that long, but their three studio albums were all great, and the group somehow did a spot on job of representing the San Francisco (or Berkeley, to be precise) hippie sound of the early 70s. 


Joy of Cooking was among the first rock & roll bands fronted by women. Guitarist Terry Garthwaite and pianist Toni Brown shared lead vocals. And their harmonies were simply splendid. They released two albums in 1971 and then another in 1972. Terry and Toni then released albums under the name Toni & Terry in 1973 and 1977. And that was it for the two of them together. 


Terry then did some solo work, focusing a good bit on jazz. And Teri became a clinical psychologist. 

Finding a video of Joy of Cooking (or Terry and Toni) performing live is nearly impossible. But their albums live on YouTube. So here is a song called "Lady Called Love,"  which I must have played a thousand times on my turntable back in the day. It's among the most infectious songs ever. So I think. 

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