Song 84 - - Chris DuPont

As you know, Frances Luke Accord  is my favorite folk duo these days. Nick Gunty and Brian Powers (who are Frances Luke Accord) have become good friends of mine. And they have a friend, Chris DuPont, who is a singer-songwriter in Michigan. 

I don't know Chris, but through our connection to Nick and Brian, we follow each other on Instagram. So occasionally I get a peek into what Chris is up to. Which is a good thing because I just found out that Chris is in the process of making a new record. I think that it's due to be released in October of this year. And it's being produced by Nick, who, amazingly enough, is producing a bunch of new songs that I'm recording (and hope to release in mid-2019). 


I've listened to Chris's last album, called Outlier, which was released in 2015. The brief review on iTunes refers to Outlier as a collection of "gentle, rainy-day melodies," which is a spot-on description of the beautiful songs on the album. And I have no doubt that his new album, with Nick's guidance, will be an amazing record. 

If you want to help Chris with his project, he has a Kickstarter campaign in progress. Please contribute if you can swing it. 

So until Chris's new album is ready, here's a song called Forgiveness from Outlier


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