Song 82 - - Heather Myles

I put on one of my old mixes today. A Heather Myles song came on. Not that I had forgotten about her, but I hadn't heard a Heather Myles song in quite some time. And, not that I needed a reminder about this, but Heather Myles is really good. 

So, when I had a moment, I checked out iTunes to see if Heather Myles had any music that I did not already own. And, lo and behold, she put out an album in 2011 called In the Wind that I somehow missed. So I bought it this morning. 


Heather Myles is from California, but she should be from Austin or Nashville. She is so classic country. She's got a really fine, low, kinda twangy voice. And her songs just are simply old school, traditional country music. But, yet, I'm pretty sure that she never was a darling of country radio. And she has been entirely passed by the hip AAA independent and college radio stations like WXPN here in Philadelphia. They're all missing the boat. 


But those of you who are here are safely on this boat. And it's sailing to a new (to me) Heather Myles song. This live version of Heather Myles' Pretty Poison, recorded in a classic country bar in Hamilton, Texas, for a show called TruCountry, pretty much captures the essence of Heather Myles: authentic country music, with a little bit of twang plus a healthy dose of heartbreak sprinkled in. Heather Myles is a gem. 

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