Song 80 - - Adam Carroll

I got an email from Adam Carroll today. It wasn't really from Adam. But it was from his booking agent, who also happens to be named Adam. It was a mass email sent to folks on Adam Carroll's email list. And it contained some exciting news: Adam and his wife Chris are in the process of making two new albums. One will be an Adam Carroll solo album, and one will be a collaboration between Adam and Chris. 

This is a big deal! Why? Because I'm a huge Adam Carroll fan. And I'm a fan of Chris's, too. And they're friends of mine. 


How did I come to be friends with these two Texas singer-songwriters? Well, several years ago, I "discovered" Adam Carroll (although I don't remember how I first heard him), and I immediately became a big fan. I referred to him as a poor man's John Prine. Like John Prine, Adam's songwriting is clever, thoughtful and fun, and his melodies are catchy and sweet. (He's only a "poor man's" John Prine because Adam doesn't (yet) have the considerable following that John Prine has developed over the years.) I downloaded everything that I could find by Adam, and figured that he'd probably never make it up this way to Philadelphia from deep in the heart of Texas.

But, when he was recording his last album, Let It Choose You, he did a "Pledge the Music" campaign, and I decided to make a significant enough contribution to "win" a house concert by Adam right here in our home. And that was the first of the Kitchen Concert Series. (I know: We're due for another concert since the series so far has only included Adam and Chris Carroll and then Frances Luke Accord.) 

So Adam and Chris came here in October, 2014, to do a house concert. And it was fabulous. Matt Lyons opened the show. I joined Matt for one song (which was a big deal for me since it was literally my second time performing in "public"), and Adam added harmonica on my song, 99 Miles to Philly. Then Chris did a really great (and funny!) 30 minute set. And then Adam headlined the show - - but without one of his trademark hats. He was awesome. We became friends. I saw Adam and Chris the next year at a house concert in New Jersey. And we've stayed in touch. 

And then today's email arrived. Which reminded me that 79 songs into "One Song at a Time" I hadn't written a post about one of the world's best singer songwriters. Adam Carroll is truly that. And Chris Carroll is an up and coming star in her own right, who beautifully harmonizes on some of Adam's songs, and has also written some beautiful songs of her own.


So, here is an Adam Carroll classic, called Blondie, recorded live earlier this year outside somewhere near Austin, Texas. It's great. He's great. She's great. And I'm quite sure that their two new albums will be great, too. For sure. 

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