Song 79 - - Mickey & the Motorcars

There are a number of things not to like about Texas. Ted Cruz, for example. The heat and humidity in the summer. The Dallas Cowboys. You know. But there are also things to like about Texas. Like the music. 

I've featured a whole bunch of Texas musicians on this blog. Like Sam Baker, Kelly Willis, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Dave Alvin, Slaid Cleaves, Whiskey Shivers, The Dixie Chicks, and Hayes Carll, among others. And there will surely be more to come. Why? Because the music that comes out of Texas, especially Austin, is amazing. Yes, I know that New York City and Los Angeles have vibrant music scenes. And Detroit is the home of Motown. And Nashville is where a whole lot of musicians go to record great music, especially in the country / Americana genres. But the music that comes out of Texas is extraordinary. 

And yet another example of this is Mickey & the Motorcars. Full disclosure: Mickey & the Motorcars were initially from Idaho. But they moved to Austin, Texas, years ago. And like I said about Whiskey Shivers I don't know much about Mickey & the Motorcars. I do know that brothers Mickey Braun and Gary Braun are the vocalists. And I know that whenever I hear a Mickey & the Motorcars song, I like it. But I really only hear Mickey & the Motorcars songs right here in my home because WXPN doesn't play them on the radio - - although, when I did a guest DJ stint in January 2012, I played July, You're a Woman on a Saturday afternoon on XPN, so there's that.


I've never seen Mickey & the Motorcars live, and their current tour schedule doesn't bring them to Philadelphia (although they are heading to NYC and Washington, D.C. in November). But I have no doubt that they're a fun band to see and hear live. Maybe one day they'll be here in Philly. 

In the meantime, let's feature a song from Mickey & the Motorcars called Carolina Morning. It's great. Yep. 

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