Song 70 - - Matty Charles & Katie Rose

I know virtually nothing about Matty Charles & Katie Rose. Except this: Matty wrote a song called What I Want, and Matty and Katie recorded it. And it's about the sweetest song you could imagine. Somewhere between country, folk and lullaby. Just beautiful. 

By reading the duo's website, I found out that both Matty and Katie are from Portland, Oregon. Matty spent a good bit of time in Brooklyn as part of "the old-time & folk music resurgence," before returning to Portland in 2012, where he met Katie at a local country music venue, The Landmark Saloon. Their collaboration led to the release of Catching Arrows, their debut album, in 2016. 

I stumbled across this duo while listening to Sirius XM radio (the Coffee House station, I imagine). And after hearing What I Want just one time, I was hooked. So I bought the album on iTunes just a week ago or so, and I'm now a big fan. I'm not expecting to see them in Philadelphia any time soon. But, if I happen to be in Portland, I'll most definitely look for them there. 

So, for this post's song, here's Matty Charles & Katie Rose doing What I Want (in what looks like possibly a Tiny Desk Concert audition tape). 


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