Song 67 - - Frances Luke Accord

I saw my favorite duo yesterday - - playing as a trio. Nick Gunty and Brian Powers, who are the group Frances Luke Accord, played Bourbon and Branch last night, in a not-quite-sold-out show, with their occasional percussionist, Luke Jackson. They were outstanding! 

I confess: I've gotten to know Nick and Brian over the last year and a half. I saw them first at the Ardmore Music Hall in October, 2016, opening for Darlingside. And then I happened to be in Seattle a month or so later when their Darlingside tour took them there, so I saw them again. And then about a year ago, they did a fabulous house concert right here in this very house in Penn Valley, PA. What a great night that was! And since then we've become friends. Good friends. I mean, I love these guys. They're awesome. 


And I confess again: One of the great thrills of my life was when Nick and Brian - - along with nephew Teddy and the talented Matt Lyons - - joined me in the studio to record some songs for my new EP, Well, I'm Sixty-Four, which "drops" on April 8. It truly was amazing to watch and hear them making my songs as good as they can be. Surreal, really. 

But the point here is that Frances Luke Accord was great last night. Subtle. Simple. Sweet. Sophisticated. And a little bit silly. They, of course, did Nowhere To Be Found, which I featured here in October, 2016. And they did a number of my other FLA faves. And they did an extraordinary new song called Maria. It's a lovely two minute song (that I think is dying to be a lovely three minute song). I'm mildly obsessed with it, but let's keep that between us. And I'm pretty sure that, if you listen to it, you'll become at least mildly obsessed, too. 

So, please support this superb duo (or trio, as the case may be). And have a listen to Frances Luke Accord doing Maria last night at Bourbon and Branch. 

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