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Last May, after the NonComm-vention hosted by WXPN, I wrote a post on Baskery, who were a highlight of last year's three day music industry event. In that post, I mentioned that, in addition to Baskery, the event was highlighted by the amazing 40 minute set by The Mavericks. And I promised to add a Mavericks' post to this (rarely read) blog. (Side note: Is anyone there? Anyone actually reading this?)

The Mavericks started in 1989 as a Miami-based Tex-Mex-country band. They began their ascent to stardom in 1991 and remained very successful until 2003. In that period, they recorded six studio albums, had 14 hits on the Billboard charts and won a Grammy Award in 1995. 

The band split up in 2004, after which lead singer and front man, Raul Malo, released six solo albums. Although Raul's solo albums were quite good, he never replicated the success of the Mavericks. 


The Mavericks, though, came back to life in 2012. The members, with the exception of Raul Malo and drummer Paul Deakin, changed over the years, but, because of Raul's distinct vocals, the sound of The Mavericks remains consistent. And the newer members, guitarist Eddie Perez and keyboardist Jerry Dale McFadden, are fabulous. McFadden's dancing while playing is a sight to see, and Perez has star-like presence on stage as he swirls his long black locks and plays lead guitar. 


In addition to the core four band members, the touring group includes what seems like a cast of thousands. They create a huge sound. And a very fun sound. There just aren't many bands that are as captivating live and leave you wanting more and more. And that's the type of show that The Mavericks put on last May on NonComm. And that's the type of show that I expect they'll do again when they land in Philadelphia at the Fillmore on June 14. 


One of The Mavericks big hits in their early days was All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down, which is a song that the group still does in its concerts these days. And they do it oh so well. 

So here are The Mavericks doing All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2014. 

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