Song 65 - - Brett Dennen

I saw Brett Dennen today. Nick Gunty (one-half of Frances Luke Accord) and I stopped by World Cafe Live (the music venue) to listen to a taping of a World Cafe (the syndicated radio program) session with Brett Dennen. World Cafe host Talia Schlanger did the interview. 

Brett Dennen is a charming, smart, delightful guy, standing probably somewhere around 6'5", with a whole lot of thick red hair. And Buddy Holly glasses. He chatted today about his involvement with environmentally conscious causes, the influence of his time as a camp counselor on his life and his music, and his somewhat unusual, but cool and effective, upbringing and childhood in California. Talia is a great interviewer, and she most definitely brought out Brett's inner-quirkiness. It will be a great show on World Cafe when it's aired (within a few weeks, I imagine).

And, besides the great interview, Brett, along with his band, played all five songs from his new EP, called Let's..., which dropped last month. Each one of the five songs on the EP is great. And, in an interesting move, Brett will be releasing another EP later this year. (I'm sure that there's a strategy in releasing two EPs months apart, rather than simply releasing one LP. And, since I specialize in releasing EPs (but only one a year), I should probably be in on this strategy.)

Any one of the five songs would be worthy of being featured on this post, but I decided to go with the lead song on the EP, which is called Already Gone. Why? Well, it's a good song. Of course. But also there's a YouTube video of Brett performing the song just a few weeks ago on KRCW in Los Angeles. 

So here it is: Brett Dennen doing Already Gone

p.s. Nick and I saw Brett walking to his tour bus as we were walking out of World Cafe Live. He stopped to chat with us, and he signed the EPs that we just bought. Nice. 

p.p.s. He's expecting his first baby in July. Nice! 

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