Song 62 - - Deer Tick

When I first heard Miss K on the radio several years, it was love at first sound. I mean,Miss K is pretty much the perfect 21st Century pop song. Yep, the lyrics are a little racier than the typical pop song of the 50s and 60s. And Deer Tick's lead singer certainly doesn't have the classic old school pop voice. But the song. Ah, the song. It's just so good. 

Deer Tick is fronted by singer-songwriter John J. McCauley. The band currently has four members. Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, the group is one of those hybrids, combining rock, folk, blues and country to come up with their unique sound. I guess they fit into the "Americana" genre. You know.

I've never seen Deer Tick live, but I'm guessing that they put on a great show. They seem like an irreverent, fun group. And their songs are filled with great harmonies and a rough yet tight sound. 

Miss K is not necessarily a typical Deer Tick song. It's pop-ier. Sweeter. More melodic. And it's my favorite Deer Tick song. So here are a couple of live versions. This first Miss K version is "fuller," electric version. And the second Miss K version is an acoustic version, recorded in a trailer. Both versions are great. 


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