Song 60 - - Whiskey Shivers

It's snowing here! Lots of snow! And what's a better thing to do on a snow day than to do a blog post about a snow song. Right? 

I know virtually nothing about Whiskey Shivers. And, no, Whiskey Shivers is not a guy. It's a group. A musicial group from Austin, Texas. But, as I did a search of my iTunes library for "snow" songs, I came across a song called Angel in the Snow by Whiskey Shivers. I have no idea when this song was added to my library. I mean, I have no recollection of buying the song - - but it turns out that I have an entire Whiskey Shivers album called, well, Whiskey Shivers in my library. So, I listened to the album. And it's good! Upbeat. Kind of a cross between blue grass and country, with some Americana (whatever that means) thrown in there. Just good music. 

And then there's this: The five guys in Whiskey Shivers have roles in Pitch Perfect 3. No, I haven't seen the movie yet, and, not that I need another reason to go see it, but now we have the added bonus of seeing Whiskey Shivers on the silver screen. And who will you see on the big screen? Well, a real cross section of America: James Bookert, a black guy from Texas on the banjo who's the lead singer on Angel in the Snow; Bobby Fitzgerald, a guy from Dundee, NY (where?), with an amazing mullet who plays an amazing fiddle; Jeff Hortillosa, a guy with Hispanic roots from Kentucky who plays a mean acoustic guitar; Andrew VanVoorhees, from Oregon who plays the stand-up bass and wears the traditional redneck baseball cap; and James Gwyn, from Mississippi who is the group's percussionist, has a little star tattoo on his cheek and wears a cowboy hat. It's an eclectic bunch. And a really talented group. 

And, Angel in the Snow is right in my wheelhouse. Kind of a pop-like country song, with some bango and fiddle thrown in, along with great vocals and harmonies. It's ridiculously catchy. And it's, really, almost the perfect song for a snow day. 

So here it is: Angel in the Snow by Whiskey Shivers


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