Song 54 - - Imua

On my old school iMac, my iTunes app has a playlist called "Top 25 Most Played." I put that playlist on the other day. And do you know what was the number one song on that playlist? The song that apparently was the most played of all the songs in my iTunes collection? Wonderful World by Imua. I know. Imua? I don't really know who they are either. I mean, I've listened to their version of Sam Cooke's Wonderful World a zillion times, but I really don't know much about them. 

I do know that they have an album called Imua: Greatest Hits, Vol 1. Which is really bold since it's questionable whether they've actually had any hits at all. But their version of Wonderful World is awesome. I don't have any idea how I found the song. But I probably was just searching for cover versions of Wonderful World (because it's such a great song) and stumbled upon Imua. 

They're a Hawaiian group, so I doubt that they tour in the Philadelphia area. But, if you happen to see that they're coming to your area, or if you're in Hawaii and see that they're playing, go! And, if you go, ask them to play Wonderful World. Because their version is great. And the world needs a little dose of wonderfulness right about now. You know. 

So, here is Song 54: Imua, in a strip mall in Hawaii, doing its version of Wonderful World. And, just so you can hear Imua's studio version of the song, here it is. 


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