Song 51 - - The Avett Brothers

Over a year ago, I featured The Avett Brothers in Song Five. They had recently released their True Sadness album, and I chose to feature a song called Smithsonian. I love that song. And I love most every song on True Sadness. But, until Tuesday night, I didn't fully appreciate some of the great songs on True Sadness

So, what happened on Tuesday? Well, on Tuesday I saw the Judd Apatow-produced documentary about The Avett Brothers. It's called May It Last. It's a wonderfully insightful and touching look at the the Avett brothers (Scott and Seth) and The Avett Brothers (the amazing group). And it let all of us who saw the movie on Tuesday (it was a one-time-in-theaters event, but, since HBO bought the rights to the movie, I'm sure we'll see it on HBO soon) see and hear many of the True Sadness songs in an entirely different light. 

The movie is amazing. The music is amazing. The Avett brothers are amazing. And The Avett Brothers are amazing. Yes, I could write more, but, really, just go see the movie. It will be on HBO soon. And it's a lot better than what I have to say. 

But, in the meantime, let's feature another song from The Avett Brothers. Picking one isn't easy. But let's go with True Sadness. It's the title song from the album. It's an upbeat song, featuring all seven of the band's touring members. Younger brother Seth sings lead on this song and the rest of the band joins in. So here it is:

First, a live radio in-studio verson of True Sadness, and

Second, a live version of True Sadness from A Prairie Home Companion earlier this year. 


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