Song 49 - - Mudcrutch

I had not heard of Mudcrutch back in the day. They were a band formed by Tom Petty and Tom Leadon way back in 1970. And they hung around, apparently, until 1975 or so. But then Tom Petty formed The Heartbreakers in 1976, and that seemed like the end for Mudcrutch. 

But, sure enough, in 2007, Tom Petty invited the original Mudcrutch guys (some of whom were playing with The Heartbreakers) to re-form Mudcrutch. They released a very successful album in 2008. But I still was not in the know about this group.

But then the band reconvened again in 2015 to work on a new album.  And, finally, I got on board. I heard a song or two on WXPN, and I was hooked. The band just makes good music. 

Mudcrutch toured in 2016, but they don't have anything on their tour schedule now. If, though, they show up in Philadelphia, I'll be there. 

So, here's a taste of Mudcrutch. Tom Petty is there, in the middle of the stage introducing the song, but he's not the lead singer on this song. Keyboardist Benmont Tench takes the lead here on this cool Mudcrutch song called Welcome to Hell


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