Song 44 - - Zoe Kravitz / Elvis Presley

I don't know much about Zoe Kravitz - - except that she's Lenny Kravitz' daughter and that she was outstanding in Big Little Lies, the awesome HBO series. And, not only was she great in her role on the series, but she absolutely was perfect in the last episode when she sang an amazing version of Don't. (And she also was pretty much perfect in the, well, big reveal right near the end of the last episode of the show.)


Don't was Elvis Presley's 11th number one hit. Elvis recorded it in 1957, and it was released in 1958. It was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. It's a beautiful ballad - - which rarely gets radio time, even on oldies stations, although I imagine that the 50s on 5 Sirius XM station plays it now and again. Maybe. 

But the point here is that Don't is definitely a song worth featuring, and Zoe Kravitz' version is pitch perfect. I can't find the clip from the show where she sings the song anywhere online, but there is an audio version. So let's listen to Zoe Kravitz's version of Don't here. And then let's watch Elvis, with his long sideburns and all, do a rehearsal version of the song in 1970


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