Song 25 - - Hayes Carll

It's the Christmas season. Which means lots of different things to different people. For those of us who grew up Jewish, Christmas was, well, just a time for no school. But for others, rich traditions have been built. And families develop their special rhythms and routines. Some are joyful and happy. While others are more obligatory. 

Hayes Carll is a thoughful, funny and sometimes solemn singer-songwriter from Texas. I've seen him a few times, including this past year at the Non-Comm convention sponsored by WXPN. With his long hair and scraggly beard, Hayes perfectly fits the part of a struggling musician. I actually don't know if Hayes is struggling at all, but he plays the part well. And with his wry sense of humor, and beautifully crafted alt-country / folk songs, he's a must-see if he's in town. 


There are dozens of Hayes Carll songs that are awesome, but, since it's Christmas week, let's go with Grateful for Christmas for this post's song. It's a story of Hayes' family Christmas traditions and history. So here are two versions of Grateful for Christmas, one in a radio studio, and one from a concert that he did a couple years ago. 

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