Song 23 - - LisaBeth Weber & Maggie Marshall

So, earlier this year, Adam Carroll (who had done a house concert here at my house in 2014) performed at a house concert in New Jersey. The host was Maggie Marshall, who I did not know and had never heard of. One of the guests there was LisaBeth Weber, who I also did not know and had never heard of. But, over the course of the evening, I had a chance to meet both Maggie and LisaBeth, and I learned that they had performed as a duo and had made several albums together. So several days after meeting them, I found their albums on iTunes. 

Maggie and LisaBeth's albums are filled with folky / bluegrassy songs. Maggie plays stand-up bass; LisaBeth plays acoustic guitar; their harmonies are fabulous; and they are joined by other very fine musicians on their well-produced albums. And, as it turns out, Maggie and LisaBeth have toured extensively, opening for a host of well known musicians, like Nancy Griffith and Ralph Stanley, and had a couple of songs featured on Car Talk. So, although you've never heard of them, they've achieved some level of success, and, most importantly, they're very good. 


But, after talking to them, I learned that they don't formally play together anymore. And they're no longer seeking fame and fortune (if they even ever were) in the music business. Which shows you just hard ridiculously hard it is to make it commercially as a musician. I mean, these two made some great music - - but few have heard it, and few ever will. 

But, for those lucky few who are reading this post, here is your chance to sample LisaBeth Weber and Maggie Marshall.  LisaBeth and Maggie performed at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 2008, and it was captured on video. So here it is: Song 23: LisaBeth Weber & Maggie Marshall doing Morning Light

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