Song 19 - - Foy Vance

Foy Vance is kind of a family favorite. He's managed by a close family friend. And he is appointment viewing for my nieces and one of my nephews when he's anywhere near town. 

Foy is from Northern Ireland. He has an all star handlebar mustache. And he's kind of a wise guy. But what he really is a fabulous musician. Underrated, for sure, he gets very little, if any, radio play these days - - even on stations like WXPN, which did play some Foy after the release of his 2013 studio album, Joy of Nothing, but, as far as I know, has not played one single cut from his new album, The Wild Swan


The Wild Swan was recorded in Nashville, released on Ed Sheeran's Gingerbread Man label and executive produced by Elton John. It's a fine album, even including a few upbeat songs, like Upbeat Feelgood, to go along with Foy's usual melancholy sound. 

I've seen Foy three times: Once at World Cafe Live a few years ago, where it was just Foy, his guitar and a looping recorder; Once at the Mann, where he opened for Ed Sheeran, and the younger Ed Sheeran crowd was not so much into listening to an opening act; And then last night, when Foy appeared with a band (a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, and a percussionist) at the Ardmore Music Hall. Last night's show was by far the best Foy show that I've seen. He was, as usual, irreverent, but his soulful music was not lost on the packed house in Ardmore. Playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar and piano, Foy played a wide range of music from his new album and his older albums. And his one and half hour show did not disappoint. 

A logical Foy song for me to feature would be Janey, because, you know, there's the real life Janey in Brooklyn.  But Janey the song doesn't really reflect Janey the granddaughter. So the song that I'm going to feature today is Coco. Why? Because it's my favorite song on Foy's new album. So here it is: Song 19: Foy Vance doing Coco. 

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