Song 15 - - Kelly Willis

Have you heard of Kelly Willis? She's been around the music scene for a long time. But somehow I'm guessing that most of you (if there's anyone actually reading this) could not name any songs that she's recorded - - or maybe haven't heard of her at all.

She released an album way back in 1990 on the MCA label. I bought it. And I liked it. And I saw her perform live in Ardmore, PA, at the old 23 East (now the Ardmore Music Hall) about a mile from my house. She's tall, blonde and pretty, with a sweetly seductive voice.  And I remember that she dressed like an old time country singer, with a dress and cowboy boots. (Maybe she didn't wear cowboy boots, but I'd like to think that she did.) And, despite the relatively small crowd in the small venue, she put on a great show. 

Since then, she's released a few albums over the years. All of which are good. And she's also released some albums with her husband, Bruce Robison (who is the brother of Charlie Robison, who also is a singer-songwriter and who was married to Emily Erwin, one of the original Dixie Chicks). 

Kelly Willis should have been a much bigger star. I mean, the line between selling out big arena shows and "troubadouring" across Texas is not very big. Although she's had a nice career, and, in my view, she's every bit as talented as, say, Carrie Underwood, who knows why Kelly Willis's career did not reach greater heights. 

According to her website, she's working on a new solo album, with plans to release it later this year. Big hit in the making? Maybe. 

Still, Kelly Willis has recorded some great songs. And here's one from Well Travelled Love, her MCA debut album in 1990. It's called Looking For Someone Like You


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