Song 12 - - The Cactus Blossoms

This post could be about the Everly Brothers, but it's not. I mean, The Cactus Blossoms are this century's reincarnation of the Everly Brothers, but they're not the Everly Brothers. 

Still, they're brothers. Jack Torrey and Page Burkum. Jack, 29, is the younger of the two brothers; Page is 34. Jack, for the most part, is the lead singer. Page harmonizes. Jack plays a really cool electric guitar; Page plays an acoustic guitar. In concert, sometimes they have a full band with them, including a upright bassist, a lead guitar player (a third brother who apparently only occasionally tours with the group) and a drummer; other times it's just Jack and Page. And each and every time, they are simply amazing. I've seen them three times here in Philadelphia, and, with their tucked in oxford shirts and rolled up jeans, they're true throwbacks. But their music, although Everly Brothers-esque, is fresh, catchy, and totally awesome. 

The obvious choice for a song for this post would be Stoplight Kisses, which is the song that probably has received the most radio air play. But, sticking with the Everly Brothers theme, let's go with a clown song - - you know, because the Everly Brothers did Cathy's Clown back in 1960.

So here it is: Song 12: The Cactus Blossoms doing Clown Collector. 


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