Well, I'm Sixty-Four

Bruce Rits Gilbert & the Missing Years

Produced by Grammy-nominated producer, Glenn Ferracone, this is the debut album of Bruce Rits Gilbert & The Missing Years. It includes seven new rockin', pop-in', folk-in', original songs for dancing, dreaming, thinking and crying. Turn it up!

New original music from Bruce Rits Gilbert! This time with a talented group of musicians, dubbed The Missing Years, who came together just to make this new EP, called "Well, I'm Sixty-Four."

Joining Bruce (vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica) on this EP are Matt Lyons (electric lead guitar), Nick Gunty (acoustic guitar and backing vocals), Brian Powers (mandolin and backing vocals), Glenn Ferracone (drums), Paul Klinefelter (upright and electric bass), Luke Ferracone (acoustic and electric guitar), and, on just one track, Teddy Grossman (piano, organ and vocals).

Produced by Grammy-nominated producer, Glenn Ferracone, The EP leads off with the title track, "Well, I'm Sixty-Four," a reflective look at aging by Bruce as he turns 64, and includes sublime background harmonies by Nick and Brian, whose "day jobs" are making music as the amazing folk duo Frances Luke Accord. Nick and Brian also provide their dreamy harmonies on "The Greatest Bank Robber of All Time," the story of the epic bank robbing career of George Leslie, and on "Life is Better When I Laugh at Myself," Bruce's not entirely tongue-and-cheek look at his life's failures.

Channeling his inner Elvis, Bruce goes all 50s rock in "Love Finds You," which features the sumptuous lead guitar of Matt, who is the frontman for the Philadelphia-based band The Parameters, along with the exquisite rhythm section work by Glenn on drums, Paul on electric bass, and Luke and Bruce both on rhythm guitars. Bruce stays in the 50s' rock & roll genre with "Pink Sneaks," his answer to Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes" - - which Bruce covered on last year's "Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies" EP.

Bruce and Teddy co-wrote "Christmas in Philly," an ode to "The Process" and the patient Philadelphia fans dreaming "of a party down Broad Street for a championship team" - - which happened on February 8 after the Eagles' win in Super Bowl LII! Bruce, Nick and Teddy each take the lead on a verse of this uniquely Philadelphia "Christmas" song.

The EP's final track, "Sagachase," tells the very personal story of a home in Montauk, New York. Nick provides splendid harmonies to perfectly complement Bruce's lead vocals, and Matt's lead guitar sweetly guides the melody.

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