Song 93 - - Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons released his five song EP a few months ago. It's getting a lot of radio play on Helen Leicht's midday show and local show. As well it should because it's awesome! 

And Matt is awesome, too. In addition to recording his own music, he plays lead guitar (electric, acoustic and slide) on the new Bruce Rits Gilbert & The Missing Years album which is days away from dropping. And he occasionally does acoustic shows in the Philadelphia area. Like the one he did last month at the Grape Room in Manyunk. Matt played a brilliant eight song set that included all five of the songs on his new EP, called "What You Gonna Do," along with a few cover tunes. 

Among the cover tunes was an amazing version of the Rolling Stones' "Out of Time." I don't know how many in the virtually full house knew that it was a cover or had ever heard the Rolling Stones version. But, for me, it was a highlight. "Out of Time" is a great song that I hadn't heard in quite some time. And Matt captured the song beautifully, while making it his own with just his acoustic guitar, harmonica and superb voice. 

And here is it is: Matt Lyons doing "Out of Time" at the Grape Room in Manyunk. 

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  • Matt Lyons
    Matt Lyons
    Thanks so much Bruce! You are too kind! My man

    Thanks so much Bruce! You are too kind! My man

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