Song 89 - - The Rolling Stones: "The Spider and the Fly"

The Rolling Stones just canceled a bunch of scheduled concerts because Mick Jagger has some health issues. I don't know the details, but Mick reports that he's on the mend, and the band hopes to resume touring soon. 

Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie (the core four of the Stones) are getting up there in age. I mean, back in the heyday of Rock & Roll in the 60s, it was entirely unfathomable that a Rock & Roll group would be around 50+ years later. So the idea that The Stones, who I first starting listening to in 1964, would still be performing (and not simply as an oldies act) in 2019 was, well, no way. 

But here we are, 57 years after the band was formed in 1962, still listening to among the best Rock & Roll bands ever. (I've already declared The Beatles as the best Rock & Roll band ever, and The Band  as the second best, so The Stones are, at best, the third best Rock & Roll band ever. FYI.) 

I, of course, am a little bit stuck in the past with certain groups, so I generally prefer the older Stones records. And, among the best Stones albums, so I think, is "Out of Our Heads," which was released in 1965. The American version of "Out of Our Heads" included "The Spider and the Fly," which was not included on the UK version of the album. It's a classic Jagger/Richards blues tune. And here's a live version of "The Spider and the Fly" from circa 1995.


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