Song 88 - - The Band

Two plus years ago, in late 2016, I wrote about The Band and featured "The Shape I'm In" from the "Stage Fright" album. The Band, as I said then, was the second best rock & roll band of all time. They were awesome. 

I listened to The Band incessantly in high school. But, somehow, when I was 15, in 1969, I totally missed The Band's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. I never knew about this. But, yesterday, out of the blue, on my Twitter feed (yes, I know, Twitter is a little addictive and not always the best forum, but I kinda like it), a link to The Band on The Ed Sullivan Show popped up. So, of course, I watched it. And it's great! 


So, read more about The Band on Song 24 on this Blog, and take a peek at The Band doing "Up On Cripple Creek" on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1969 right here. 

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