Twisting in the Wind

Bruce Rits Gilbert & the Missing Years

With songs that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think, Bruce Rits Gilbert & The Missing Years have put together a striking and memorable Folk-Americana album that you'll want to listen to again and again.

"Twisting in the Wind" is a compelling, whimsical new album by Bruce Rits Gilbert & The Missing Years. Produced by Nick Gunty (half of the highly acclaimed folk duo, Frances Luke Accord), the record features songs of joy, songs of hope, songs that take dead aim at this country's Liar-in-Chief and songs of genuine self-reflection. The album has 10 original tunes by Bruce (including one co-written by Benjamin Calder Zulauf) and one colorful reimagining of John Prine's "It's Happening To You."

In addition to Bruce's vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica, the album features Matt Lyons on backing vocals and lead guitar (electric, acoustic, and slide) and Nick Gunty on backing vocals, bass, percussion, acoustic guitar, and mandolin. Teddy Grossman contributes lead vocals and Wurlitzer on "The Boy Will Write His Own Story" and backing vocals on "Come Home," while Bruce's daughter, Molly Gilbert Zulauf, sings lead vocals on "Baby Jack" and backing vocals on "Oh Charlie!." Both Jane Reed Nosal and Calder Rits Zulauf (Bruce's grandkids) make surprise appearances throughout the record.

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