Bruce Rits Gilbert

Song 58 - - Elvis Presley

It's Christmas season. Maybe it's a happy season for you. Or maybe not. And, if it's not, this song is for you. It's one of the best ever Christmas songs by one of the best ever singers. 

Elvis Presley is just cool. I mean, he had issues, but he was the King for a reason. And, really, no one epitimizes rock and roll more than Elvis Presley. Yes, the "fat Elvis" of the 1970s wasn't as great as the "Elvis the Pelvis" Elvis of the 50s. But, really, when it gets right down to it, Elvis knew how to rock and pop and croon and just made music better. 

Between the early Elvis of the 50s and the Vegas Elvis of the 70s, there was the hunka hunka burnin' love Elvis of the 60s. And, with his ever expanding sideburns and signature lip curl, he was, even in the middle of the British Invasion, amazing. And to prove it, take a look at Elvis in 1968 doing an amazing version of Blue Christmas, which is one of the best Christmas songs ever. And, with Elvis doing it, it's even better. 

Merry Christmas! 


Elvis was truly amazing. So sad to have lost such a talent so prematurely and so unnecessarily. My appreciation for the King continues to grow. Thank you for sharing.

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