Bruce Rits Gilbert has a new album, Ride the Open Road. It's his first album recorded in a studio. Recorded at Red Planet in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, the album includes 10 original songs. Bruce co-produced the album with Matt Lyons, the lead guitarist and frontman for The Parameters. In addition to Matt's riveting lead guitar, Matt's bandmates in the Parameters also support Bruce on the album. Brian Kelly adds a fine bass guitar to several songs and plays piano on others, and Kevin Haindl, on drums, sets the tempo throughout. 


The album includes upbeat rockers Ride the Open Road, the title track which is an ode to an old friend; Dancing All Night Long, the catchy opening track on the album; and a rockin', new recording of 99 Miles to Philly, in which Bruce ditches his acoustic guitar for an electric guitar. Bruce also re-recorded an uptempo, country version of the sentimental It Wasn't So Long Ago, a sweet tune about kids growing up and leaving home. 


The album also includes sentimental stories of a cross country road-trip All the Way to Seattle with his youngest daughter, as well as hearing some surprising news at the dinner table on a Beautiful Day in August. Also included are tributes to Bruce's hometown in Back in Whitefish Bay, and to his niece's marriage in Katie and The Truth


And the album closes out with What Ever Happened to Tyjai?, a sad and moving ballad, and I'll Always Stand With You, a silly love song that would make Paul McCartney proud. 


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